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AB Lignum



AB Lignum d.o.o

Our Role

Backend development, mobile app development



Mobile app, Backend, Frontend

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Our collaboration with AB Lignum led to the development of an innovative Android mobile application dedicated to streamlining goods delivery management. This cutting-edge app harnesses the latest technology to provide a user-friendly experience for both service providers and users alike.

Features and Capabilities:

One of the standout features of this mobile app is its seamless user registration process, which offers the convenience of Google and email-based registration. The app boasts a robust login function with additional security measures and a password recovery feature for users’ peace of mind. Service providers can easily add their services, and users receive in-app notifications to stay informed about their deliveries. Furthermore, the app allows for efficient profile management and service tracking, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


The collaborative efforts between AB Lignum and our development team have resulted in a groundbreaking mobile application for goods delivery management. With its intuitive user interface and robust feature set, this app is poised to revolutionize the way goods are delivered and managed. It offers a dynamic and efficient solution for users to request deliveries and service providers to offer their expertise.

Our experience with the development of the goods delivery mobile app by your team has been exceptional. This app has proven to be an invaluable asset to our operations, offering a seamless and efficient solution for managing our goods delivery services.


The collaboration between AB Lignum and our development team has yielded an outstanding outcome in the form of a cutting-edge Android mobile application dedicated to streamlining goods delivery management. This innovative app brings convenience and efficiency to the forefront with its seamless user registration process, incorporating Google and email-based registration options. Moreover, it prioritizes security through robust login functionalities and a password recovery feature, ensuring user confidence. For service providers, the app simplifies service addition, while users benefit from real-time in-app notifications and effective profile management. This collaboration has culminated in a revolutionary solution that has the potential to reshape the landscape of goods delivery and management. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, this mobile application promises to usher in a new era of convenience and efficiency, benefiting both service providers and users in the world of goods delivery.