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AB Lignum



AB Lignum d.o.o

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Backend development, mobile app development



Mobile app, Backend, Frontend

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Our collaboration with Moja Kartica, a leading provider of student insurance solutions, led to the development of a comprehensive student portal. This portal is designed to cater to the specific needs of students by offering a user-friendly platform for managing insurance cards, providing access to essential information, and streamlining the insurance application process.

Features and Capabilities:

The Student Portal developed for Moja Kartica is a multifaceted solution that includes both a website and a backend system for insurance card generation


Our collaborative efforts with Moja Kartica have resulted in a transformative solution for student insurance management. The Student Portal represents a significant leap forward in the way student insurance is handled, offering a convenient and modern approach to card access and application.

The portal has received positive feedback from both students and Moja Kartica. Students appreciate the ease of use and instant access to their insurance cards, while Moja Kartica benefits from a streamlined and efficient process for managing student insurance services.

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Our partnership with Moja Kartica has brought about a substantial improvement in student insurance management. The Student Portal has become an invaluable tool for students and insurance providers alike, simplifying the application process, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring accurate card generation.

We are proud to have contributed to the modernization of student insurance services and look forward to continuing our collaboration with Moja Kartica to further enhance the portal’s capabilities and impact in the future.